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The Microsoft Windows SDK is a set of tools, code samples, documentation, compilers, headers, and libraries that developers can use to create applications that run on Microsoft Windows operating systems. The Windows SDK combines two formerly separate SDKs
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    New Developer Personas Project

    As one component in a customer data gathering project that involves many on our team, Pat Litherland and I are working on a task to create Windows SDK-specific personas that represent our customer base in future planning activities. With over a million...
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    Windows SDK Hidden Gems: Part 1

    Windows Installer Verbose Log Analyzer (WiLogUtl.exe) I, like many before me, have downloaded the Windows SDK, installed it, and moved on to more pressing problems. Other than digging into header files, I had rarely looked at what else might be...
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    Windows SDK Personas

    Pat Litherland writes about a new project working with other Windows SDK team members to define Personas that will represent the Windows SDK customer base. This data will allow us to focus priorities for targeting resources with a clear picture in mind...
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    How to: build from the Windows SDK command line

    This “How-to” applies to the Windows SDK for Vista, the SDK Update for Vista, and the SDK for Server 2008. (In order to build the samples in the SDK build environment or in Visual Studio 2008, the Win32 samples project files must be upgraded. This...
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    Announcing: The Windows SDK Developer Center

    Today we launched the Windows SDK MSDN Developer Center . This site is intended as a one-stop place to provide information to help you determine which version of the Windows SDK is most appropriate for your use, and to get information on how you can maximize...
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