How would you improve the Windows SDK components? If you had a hypothetical $100 to spend on the list of existing SDK components below, what would you improve? There are no rules. You can spend it all on one component you think needs help, or divide the money out in any combination.  Feel free to explain your rationale if you want.  If we’ve missed a component that you think needs improvement please add it to the list. 


Additional surveys: how you use the Windows SDK and how would you spend $100 on new features/components.  


1.      Setup, download, install, uninstall and repair

2.      Documentation

a.      Documentation viewer (Dexplore.exe)

b.      .NET Framework documents

c.       Win 32 documents

3.      Samples

a.      .NET Framework samples

b.      Win32 samples

4.      Tools

a.      .NET Framework tools

b.      Win 32 Tools

c.       Mobile Tools (.NET Compact Framework)

5.      Reference Assemblies and Intellisense

6.      Windows Headers and Libraries

7.      SDK Build environment

a.      VC++ compilers that ship in the SDK

b.      Command line build environment

8.      Configuring Visual Studio to use Windows SDK components

Sarah Maurer
Program Manager
High School Intern
Windows SDK Team

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