Did you ever wonder what Windows SDK tools, headers, libraries, and reference assemblies are included in the different Visual Studio 2008 SKUs?  These Windows SDK components are embedded in all Visual Studio 2008 SKUs.  If you are looking for a particular file, you may not need to install a separate Windows SDK to get the content you need.

This table shows which tools shipped in each Visual Studio 2008 SKU.  This could save you valuable time when deciding which Visual Studio 2008 SKU is right for the project you are working on.  If you are looking for one specific tool to build your application, check here to find which VS SKUs it shipped in.

A future post will list the Windows headers and libraries that shipped in the Visual Studio 2008 SKUs, and another post will list the reference assemblies and Intellisense that shipped in Visual Studio 2008 SKUs. 

Click here to open a list of the .NET Framework and Windows Tools in Visual Studio 2008

·          “VS STD” includes all Visual Studio Retail (non-Express) products (Pro, VSTS, etc.).

·         All files install by default to [ProgramFiles]\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A on an X86 computer, or to [ProgramFiles]Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\X64 on an X64 computer