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The Microsoft Windows SDK is a set of tools, code samples, documentation, compilers, headers, and libraries that developers can use to create applications that run on Microsoft Windows operating systems. The Windows SDK combines two formerly separate SDKs

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  • Blog Post: Windows SDK Survey Results So Far

    We want to share some preliminary results from the recent Windows SDK customer surveys asking how would you spend $100 on existing SDK features and how would you spend $100 on new SDK features . The results may surprise you! Thanks to those that have participated and helped to shape the future of the...
  • Blog Post: What NEW Windows SDK Features do you want?

    How would you spend $100 on NEW Windows SDK features? We're planning our next version and subsequent releases of the SDK. In that spirit, we’re running a quick poll of Windows SDK users to help us keep our "vision" for the SDK aligned with yours. If you had a hypothetical $100 to spend on the list of...
  • Blog Post: How would you spend $100 to improve Windows SDK components?

    How would you improve the Windows SDK components? If you had a hypothetical $100 to spend on the list of existing SDK components below, what would you improve? There are no rules. You can spend it all on one component you think needs help, or divide the money out in any combination. Feel free to explain...
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