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The Microsoft Windows SDK is a set of tools, code samples, documentation, compilers, headers, and libraries that developers can use to create applications that run on Microsoft Windows operating systems. The Windows SDK combines two formerly separate SDKs

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  • Blog Post: New samples in Win 7 SDK: Direct2D and DirectWrite

    The Windows 7 SDK comes with several components, including tools, documentation, headers and libraries, and samples. In this series of blogs, I’ll go through a number of sample that particularly target the new features in Windows 7. I’ll talk about how to build and run them and what the requirements...
  • Blog Post: Development with Windows SDK & DirectX SDK when Visual Studio 2008 is installed

    This article describes how to set VC directory paths in Visual Studio 2008 to ensure that the most recent version of rpcsal.h is found. This article applies ONLY to users of DirectX SDK releases November 2008 and older. When using DirectX SDK (March 2009) or newer, the DirectX SDK should appear above...
  • Blog Post: Windows API Code Pack for Microsoft .NET Framework

    Excited about Windows 7 and would like to use new features from your managed application, but do not have a convenient way to do that? Always wanted to use many of the useful features from Windows Vista or older versions of Windows but could not do so because they were not available via .NET Framework...
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