February, 2012

  • Windows Store for developers

    Introducing the winners of the First Apps Contest

    We previewed the Windows Store and announced our Windows 8 First Apps Contest for Metro style apps on December 6 th . You may recall we issued a challenge to developers to be among the very first to be featured in the Windows Store. Under tight deadlines, and limited only by their own imagination and creativity, they responded! Today we announce the First Apps Contest winners and show off their impressive apps, available now in the Windows Store when you download and install Windows 8 Consumer Preview...
  • Windows Store for developers

    Linking to your apps on the web

    In previous posts, we’ve talked about the unprecedented opportunity the Windows Store presents for developers, and all the ways customers can discover apps from within the Windows Store . We know that customers also look for apps via the web. In this post, Russell Wolf, a program manager on the Store Services team, describes three features that can help you as a developer to increase the likelihood that customers find your app from the web and buy it in the Store. --Antoine The Windows Store projects...
  • Windows Store for developers

    Submitting your Windows 8 apps

    Apps – your apps – are the heart of the Windows Store. When we set out to design the app submission experience, we wanted developers to be able to get their apps into the Store as easily and quickly as possible. We thought a lot about reducing friction, inspiring confidence through transparency, and bringing predictability and consistency to the app submission process. This post, authored by Jonathan Garrigues , a Program Manager on the Developer Experience team, describes the Store...
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