May, 2012

  • Windows Store for developers

    Windows Store for Release Preview

    Welcome to the Release Preview Windows Store. In this post, we’ll describe a few of the improvements we’ve made to the user experience. We’ll also touch on a few updates that we've made to our app certification policy, in an effort to ensure guidelines and expectations remain clear. And, of course, we want to encourage you to dive in and explore the hundreds of preview apps currently in the catalog—including the first desktop app listings. These apps are just the beginning—we’ll continue to add apps...
  • Windows Store for developers

    Making customer-focused decisions with Adoption reports

    With Windows 8, we provide you powerful tools in Visual Studio, and a rich API set to help you build great Metro style apps. But we know that you don't want to build just a great app—you want to build successful apps. We understand we have a responsibility to provide you with substantive data about your apps—data that gives you the ability to make customer-focused, data-driven decisions. In this post, Deepak Mukunthu, a Program Manager on the Developer Analytics team, describes some of the app reports...
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