June, 2012

  • Windows Store for developers

    Improving apps with Quality reports

    Previously, we described our Adoption reports . These reports provide you with information on downloads, adoption rate, user ratings and usage which, together, can help you determine the popularity of your app. Adoption reports are useful, but they're just a part of the reporting tools we provide in the Windows Store. We also provide reports related to app quality. These reports help you measure and improve the quality of your app. In this post, program manager Kalyan Venkatasubramanian describes...
  • Windows Store for developers

    Listing your desktop app in the Store

    Last week we announced that we’ve begun accepting desktop apps for listing in the Store, and you'll see these apps in the Store very soon. Currently, we've limited who can submit desktop apps to a small number of partners. As we approach the final version of Windows 8, we'll increase developer access to the Store, so we want to take a few minutes to talk about how we list desktop apps, and what the submission process is like. Carla Di Franco, a Program Manager on the Application and Device...
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