imagex\SBS 2003 R2 sysprep:

  1. After the 1st CD - stop and run setup with /OEM switch.
  2. Compete the installation with the entire R2 CD - do not add the Premier options.
  3. Create the directory c:\sysprep then add all the files to the sysprep folder c:\sysprep from the SBS CD OPK CD only!
  4. From a cmd prompt Run "c:\sysprep\sysprep.exe -DC -RESEAL
  5. The system should shut down the server when completed.
  6. Add the thumb drive and reboot with WinPE 2.1.
  7. At this point you'll be working via a cmd prompt window.
  8. Capture the image using imagex.
    (i.e imagex /capture c: E:\SBSSP.wim "drive c") drive e: is the thumb drive.
  9. imagex completes the capture successfully.
  10. Reboot the system again with WinPE 2.1
  11. At the command prompt run "format c:" if a new computer is used the drive must be formatted and possibly bcdedit may be needed.
  12. Run imagex again to apply the image using the following:
    (i.e imagex /apply e:\SBSSP.wim  1 c:)
  13. When 100% complete, shut down.
  14. Remove the thumb drive and WinPE CD.
  15. Reboot again.
  16. Mini-OOBE should run at this point.
  17. The system should reboot again.
  18. The next reboot the system finalizes the user's settings.