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ServerDocument and me

ServerDocument and me

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Hi there. My name is Mario, I'm an Italian that is experiencing a wonderful time in a cool ms group. What do we do? We're building Visual Studio Tool for Office 2.0, aka VSTO2.  If we continue to add more words to the name, sooner or later a Sony Plasma will be required if you want to see the entire name in one line.

What's about my blog?
Well, I love to read and write, and I'm pretty good in my own language.  But, I'm far away from being good in other languages, so I decided to practice a bit..... Hmm, I can see your skepticism though the wire, which is better for me... but don't blame me later because I warned you.

I love my job (SDE/T) because it is fun and unpredictable. I want to transmit these emotions to you by telling stories and making funny examples about life.

ServerDocument is the server feature in the next VSTO release. Outside of mS, people are counting the days untill they can use this feature. Stats, researchers and mind-readers are telling me that you wanna it, you desire it and your partner has choosen the VSTO brand as a tato' on the shoulder because of it. But if you do not feel so, it's only means that you're walking in the darkness of the Uncustomized Problem and I should save you. [Do I look like a kind of Pope's subsidiary?]

What's the Uncustomized Problem?
Currently you have an Office document, let's say Excel, because you like numbers or to play “Battle-ship”. You want to add some bubbly effects in your document. You want to connect the document against SQL server, grab the data, apply some business rules, and then render the data inside a paragraph or a list. I know, you're laughing such as an Italian that is answering at the cell-phone in Rome [this means loudly]. You figured out that you can already do this and you may have already done it, probably using VBA or building your wonderful ATL object or maybe just through Office System.
Ah & Ah!!. It's my turn and I AM the Italian with the cell-phone now! [actually I really am]
What's about to do the same thing in 5 minutes?
In C# or though Visual Studio 2005?   ** Things are different now! **

Office documents are cool and they are simplifying the way how people read and write information, but they are incapable of expressing themselves as a winform application does; at same time a winform does not own the beauty and the grace of a Word document or the sharpness of an Excel workbook. That's where  the Uncustomized Document problem lies. An office document without the power of the .net framework and the help a great VS debugger offers is just a document. Thanks to the Trinity family the problem is solved. VSTO is the cure, the revolution, the new Office world in the developer hands. Woow the last one sounds so cool that I should route it to the marketing guys.

Now, that I cleared the facts, let's introduce the core of what I'm going to talking about... the ServerDocument.

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