Windows Forms Documentation Updates

We're the Windows Forms User Education team at Microsoft. We use this space to update folks on developments with Windows Forms docs, publishing doc updates before they're published. Feel free to ask us questions about WinForms, and we'll do our best to an

April, 2006

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Windows Forms Documentation Updates

We're the Windows Forms User Education team at Microsoft. Here you can find updates on documentation related to Windows Forms, ClickOnce, and Smart Client programming before the documentation is released in new doc builds. Check out what we have to offer, test it out, and give us your feedback if you see something amiss! We want YOUR help in making our documentation set the best it can be. In exchange, we hope to give you current information that's useful in your daily work with Windows Forms.

Your Windows Forms Documentation team is:

Karl Erickson: DataGridView, TabControl, other misc. controls

Jim Galasyn (JGalasyn): Designer integration, Cider, other misc. controls

Cheryl Simmons (cherylws): Data binding (including BindingNavigator), System.Drawing, GDI for Text Rendering, other misc. controls

Django Wexler: ClickOnce, WebBrowser/Managed DOM, Visual Styles, ListView/TreeView, other misc. controls

NOTE: The updates posted to this site are static. They will not be updated as they become obsolete; we're publishing them merely to give you a "sneak peek" at what we've written that has yet to be released. The latest publicly available build of the documentation should be considered the only official documentation. Any docs provided here are provided as-is, with no express or implied warranty.

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