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We're the Windows Forms User Education team at Microsoft. We use this space to update folks on developments with Windows Forms docs, publishing doc updates before they're published. Feel free to ask us questions about WinForms, and we'll do our best to an

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  • Blog Post: Can You Change the User Interface Language at Runtime in Windows Forms?

    Someone asked that question recently on an internal alias. Michael Kaplan, one of our localization gurus, says "not a week goes by" that he doesn't get that question. Sadly, he has some bad news for those looking to swap Japanese with French on the fly.
  • Blog Post: Forms-Based Resources vs. Project Resources

    A recent bug (okay, it's WAY old and I only just got to it - my bad) makes it clear that we don't differentiate clearly enough in our documentation between forms-based resources and project resources. So here's the skinny. (I've added some of this information to our walkthrough for the next doc update...
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