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We're the Windows Forms User Education team at Microsoft. We use this space to update folks on developments with Windows Forms docs, publishing doc updates before they're published. Feel free to ask us questions about WinForms, and we'll do our best to an

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  • Blog Post: Retrieve <?xml-stylesheet> from RSS Feed using XmlDocument

    So I'm trying to wrap up this white paper I'm writing on consuming RSS in Windows Forms. I wrote a whole section on how to apply a custom XSLT transform to a feed, and display the resulting HTML in the WebBrowser. ( I gave a less-complete version of a solution in an earlier blog post .) Then it hit me...
  • Blog Post: Using the Microsoft Feeds (RSS) API from Windows Forms

    Wim De Cleen has a great two-part walkthrough up on how to use the new Microsoft Feeds API to display a folder-style list of RSS feeds in Windows Forms. The Feeds API is new with Internet Explorer 7, and is the programmatic interface to the new Windows RSS Platform. I'm working on a white paper that...
  • Blog Post: How to Data Bind to an RSS Feed (Blog Posts) in Windows Forms

    RSS feeds are XML files that represent the current posts on a syndicated content channel, such as a blog or news feed. Since RSS feeds are XML, they can be loaded into an ADO.NET DataSet and bound to the elements of a form. Picture 1: Simple RSS Feed Reader The following C# code shows the...
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