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August, 2005

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    Shipping WinFS Beta 1

    My name is Quentin Clark, I run the Program Management team for WinFS – directing the team that is shaping WinFS. Many of you have seen me on a few WinFS bits on Channel 9, and from the PDC in 2003. I have been working on WinFS since 2002. Overall, I...
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    Bored with computers

    Hi, my name is Peter Spiro. I’m the General Manager in SQL Server responsible for the WinFS team and I’ve been bored with computers and software in general. Now before I continue with that thread, some background info seems appropriate. I...
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    Hello everyone and welcome to the WinFS team blog! My name is Vijay Bangaru and I’m a Program Manager on the WinFS product team. Today we are very excited to announce the release of WinFS Beta 1. As you probably know “WinFS” is the codename for the new...
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