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October, 2005

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    PDC content now online

    Hey everyone! All the Professional Developers Conference 2005 talks are now available. - WinFS Overview - WinFS Data Centric Applications using WPF and WinForms - WinFS and ADO.NET - All PDC 05 Videos We’re looking forward to your comments! Author...
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    Unify, Organize, Explore, and Innovate. Oh my! (Part 1)

    Hopefully by now, you’ve gotten a chance to take a look at our PDC video and see how applications can use WinFS to do really cool things. I thought I would write a little bit about each of our value propositions, so we can dig in and see what’s really...
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    About WinFS Rules

    Remember the scenario "mail related to candidates that are interviewing today” that Shishir talked about in one of the previous posts ? If so, have you been wondering “How did they do that?” My name is Kati Dimitrova, a developer on the WinFS API team...
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    WinFS PDC Video

    Hello developers! I’m Steve De Mar, the Product Designer for the WinFS team and I’m here to talk about the WinFS video at the PDC ( high-res , low-res ). It started with the WinFS team’s desire to spread the word about our platform value propositions...
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