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  • Blog Post: Update to the Update

    Hi. Wow there has been a lot of, let’s say, interest in the posting Friday. I knew there would be interest, and I knew that the news that we would not ship WinFS as a separate thing would make news, but didn’t expect quite the thread lengths we are seeing! Whew. There are obviously a lot of questions...
  • Blog Post: WinFS Update

    It's been nearly a year since I wrote my entry about WinFS Beta1, but rest assured, we have been working furiously since then. Today I have an update about how we are delivering some of the WinFS technologies. It represents a change to our original delivery strategy, but it's a change that we think that...
  • Blog Post: Shipping WinFS Beta 1

    My name is Quentin Clark, I run the Program Management team for WinFS – directing the team that is shaping WinFS. Many of you have seen me on a few WinFS bits on Channel 9, and from the PDC in 2003. I have been working on WinFS since 2002. Overall, I’ve been at Microsoft for over 11 years – pursuing...
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