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  • Blog Post: Synchronizing Data between WinFS Stores

    Hi, my name is Mark Scurrell and I’m a Program Manager on the WinFS Sync team. I’d like to give you an overview of the functionality we provide to allow applications to synchronize data between WinFS stores. If you haven’t already done so, I would recommend you first read a previous post where Neil...
  • Blog Post: Getting Data Into WinFS with WinFS Synchronization

    One of the first topics developers ask about once they start learning about WinFS is “How do I get existing data in?” We tend to think of this in terms of a bigger problem: “How do I move a lot of data in and out of WinFS?” Our answer here is WinFS Synchronization. My name is Neil Padgett and I’m...
  • Blog Post: Synchronize your WinFS data with Microsoft Rave

    As some of you may have discovered there is a set of applications on the WinFS CD. Some of these are officially “unsupported”, but are included because they demonstrate some of the capabilities of the WinFS platform. I’m going to describe Microsoft Rave, which is one such application. A little background...
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