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    Windows Live Gadget SDK Updates (6/26/2006)

    We have just updated the Windows Live Gadget SDK for June. For the most part, this is just a minor release. Changes in this update includes the following: Added Developer's Checklist that enumerates items that well-written Gadgets should comply...
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    Use GIF over PNG in your Gadgets

    I posted on the Live Gadget forum a couple of days ago about Using transparent GIF over transparent PNG (see post here ). I thought I would publicize it a little more on this blog. We have recently released a workaround for a bug in IE6 where image...
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    Developing Live Gadgets with IE7

    Those of you who have downloaded IE7 Beta or Beta 2 knows that IE7 actually makes life more difficult for you as a Gadget developer. This is because previous builds of IE7 has very strict cross-domain XMLHttpRequest restrictions, so you will not be able...
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    Announcing Windows Live Gadget SDK

    I am very excited to bring you the first public release of the Windows Live Gadget SDK today! You can start using this SDK right now to build Gadgets that run on Since the initial Beta launch of in November 2005, we have added a...
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    Welcome to the Windows Live Gadget Blog

    Hey Live Gadget Developers! We have just created this blog to talk about Windows Live Gadget development. On, there is currently a single Gadget blog. This is slightly confusing, because it implies that there is only a single type...
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