Hey Live Gadget Developers!

We have just created this blog to talk about Windows Live Gadget development. On MicrosoftGadgets.com, there is currently a single Gadget blog. This is slightly confusing, because it implies that there is only a single type Gadgets. Right now, some folks are confused because we overload the term "Gadget". There are at least 3 types of Gadgets coming from Microsoft right now:

  1. Windows Live Gadgets - these are gadgets that work on Live.com.
  2. Sidebar Gadgets - these are mini-applications that work on the Vista Sidebar.
  3. Sideshow Gadgets - these are gadgets that work on the auxilliary display of some Vista laptops

Longer term, we want to create a more unified model, where a single Gadget can run on multiple host. But in the short-term, these are separate entities that require different development models.

We are going to be releasing our first public SDK for Windows Live Gadgets very shortly (within a week) and it will be available on http://www.microsoftgadgets.com. It would be great to have your feedback.

- James