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#define _WIN32_WINNT

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  • Blog Post: How can my application work when UAC is enabled and fail when it is disabled?

    Hello Everyone, My name is Frank Kim and I work in Developer Support. My expertise is in Windows Security (Authorization + Authentication), Remote Desktop and Windows Services. For my first blog post, I thought I would discuss an interesting issue encountered by several of my customers. User Access...
  • Blog Post: Access denied on a Mutex

    If you are in a situation where, one process creates a MUTEX with default security descriptor and other process running in the same user’s context is not able to access it. You might be facing the problem because of newly introduced integrity mechanism in Windows. Integrity level implemented as a...
  • Blog Post: SetWindowHookEx API with WH_JOURNALRECORD. This API fails with access denied (Error 5).

    A while ago I came across a problem in which SetWindowHookEx API with WH_JOURNALRECORD was failing with Access denied on Windows Vista. If you have the same problem you can do what I tried. 1) Create and Embed an Application Manifest with Your Application. o In our case we would need manifest...
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