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#define _WIN32_WINNT

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  • Blog Post: Steps to sign a file using Signtool.exe

    You may have a situation where you need to sign a file which may be an a. .exe b. .cab c. .cat d. .ocx e. .dll f. .stl Using the CryptoAPI “signtool.exe”, the files can be digitally signed. Digitally signing a file essentially involves two steps. 1. Obtaining a code signing certificate that has an associated...
  • Blog Post: SetWindowHookEx API with WH_JOURNALRECORD. This API fails with access denied (Error 5).

    A while ago I came across a problem in which SetWindowHookEx API with WH_JOURNALRECORD was failing with Access denied on Windows Vista. If you have the same problem you can do what I tried. 1) Create and Embed an Application Manifest with Your Application. o In our case we would need manifest...
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