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#define _WIN32_WINNT

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  • Blog Post: Screen capture using Windows Media Encoder

    If you have to screen capture using Windows Media Encoder please follow the steps below. Start Windows Media Encoder (WM Encoder). To download WM encoder please refers to the link ....
  • Blog Post: Error with WMEncoderLib when trying to build a 64 bit version of your application.

    You may get a runtime error with your 64 bit managed Windows Media Encoder application while the 32 bit application runs perfect. This happens basically when your application tries to encode or more specifically transcode certain files that usually uses a 32 bit version of a third party CODEC. From...
  • Blog Post: Few points to share about Windows Media Encoder

    You may come across issues such as hang or a crash when trying to use Windows Media Encoder from a service. Say you have a COM object which instantiate Windows Media Encoder and passes this to a service. The service may do one or more of the following: a. Screen Capture b. Audio recording c. Capturing...
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