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October, 2009

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About Microsoft Windows UI Automation Blog

A few words about this blog:

This is the official blog of the Microsoft Windows UI Automation & Accessibility Team - a group that plans, discusses, designs, changes, programs, tests, deploys, documents, supports and fixes the UI Automation platform - the best accessibility API around! :)

On this blog you can find posts made by people in vastly different roles in the Microsoft accessibility world. Every group has something different to bring to the table, and we hope that our customers can get value out of this blog where we all come together to share information with you. While we try to have a diverse range of subjects covered by different people, we also make sure that every blog post goes through good quality technical review.

Our blogging adventure is just getting started. We have a group of people who are following their passion for building accessibility communities and started this blog with the intent to educate, answer questions and build a strong technical community around UI Automation.

During the course of last few years, we have started up some other similar blogs. So in case you are wondering, here are the other resources out there that are still valid:

Development for Windows Accessibility and Automation Forum and

Microsoft Accessibility

This blog isn't just about us sharing information with our customers, however - we really want to hear from you, not just on what you think about the blog posts or the blog in general, but what you think about the platform, both good and bad. We want to use comments we've gotten on the blog to help make decisions about the platform, and we are very appreciative of the time our readers take to go out of their way and drop us a line to let us know what you think.

You are welcome to make comments to any specific blog post or send us some suggestions!

Thanks for visiting and your support,

- The Windows UI Automation & Accessibility crew

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