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    Just Released: Windows Live for Windows Mobile (Without Messenger)

    Wait no more! The latest bits for Windows Live Client for your Windows Mobile are available for download. To get yours now, point your mobile browser to If you have Windows Live already installed on your device, you will...
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    You've got Mail (problems), and we are working on it

    Some of you have reported issues with syncing your Hotmail on your mobile using our latest Windows Live for Windows Mobile client. The error message reported on the client says: "There is a problem with the server. Please try again later." We have...
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    Don’t be so Pushy…

    Typically, being pushy is a bad thing, but in the case of Windows Live for Windows Mobile, being pushy isn’t bad at all! Of course, we’re talking about push Hotmail. However, some of you have reported issues with push mail not working consistently and...
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    Don't Shoot The Messenger!

    Hello all! We're simultaneously fresh and exhausted from the first public release of Windows Live for Windows Mobile (visit on your mobile browser) aimed at users who do not already have this on their device. We have seen some...
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    Home is where the heart is...

    Well folks, it's been almost 9 months since our last update here and while we've been silent, we haven't been still. Behind the scenes we've been working our fingers to the bone to bring you a completely new client full of updates, fixes, and new features...
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    Where is Windows Live for Windows Mobile Download?

    I know you must be asking this question so as others in several blogs that I ran into. Well, the good news is that people who downloaded the CAB and used the client liked it and told their friends, colleagues, strangers, then wrote blog posts! … that...
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    Mobile Instant Messaging is Challenging SMS

    Interesting new statistics that shows IM is getting increasingly popular for mobile users, a story on cellular-news have all the details. It seems to me as a logical evolution for text messaging on mobile phones so nothing comes as a surprise here...
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    You’ve got Mail (fixes)

    We had mentioned earlier that we were working on fixing mail sync. issues that were reported by some of you. Here’s some good news! We rolled out a fix last week on our servers that fixes the issue where mail sync. fails with the error message "There...
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    Welcome …

    to Windows Live for Windows Mobile team blog. You might be wondering what a team with this long name do exactly. Well, we are the guys and gals who build a very rich client for Windows Live services which includes, profile, contacts, mail, Messenger and...
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