December, 2011

  • wltester

    You write too many tests and open too many bugs

    In my experience, many testers tend to identify with certain types of measurements and metrics which on the surface may seem to be desirable to maximize. These statistics can provide feedback to the tester to indicate that they are making progress and...
  • wltester

    Just because you can test it doesn’t mean you should

    A wise test lead once said to me, “do as little as possible while still ensuring quality”. He wasn’t giving me tips on how to be a slacker =) I think what he wanted to say was there always seems to be more work than there are people...
  • wltester

    Creativity in Testing

    One of the wonderful parts of testing software is that beyond the pure technical aspects of the discipline lie many opportunities for the tester to exercise their creativity in potentially game-changing ways. Although we work in a field where some of...
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