We are excited to introduce the investments we have made in Windows Server “8” through this excellent blog post Standards based management in Windows Server 8 by Jeffrey Snover and Wojtek Kozaczynski.

It’s a very detailed overview covering “Why Standards based management matters” and “What we have done in Windows “8” to take cloud-management to a new level”. It talks about following
investment areas providing an excellent E2E picture

-       Simplified WMI provider development using MI API.

-       Standard compliant protocol, ready for large-scale distributed management.

-       Client development using MI .NET Client API.

-       PowerShell cmdlets to manage CIM end-points (CIM Cmdlets).

-       PowerShell cmdlets written as a CIM Provider (CIM-Based Cmdlets).

-       Management OData IIS extension.


In the next few weeks, we will take you through a deep dive of each of these areas. So tighten your seat belts and get ready for take for takeoff – it is going to be an exciting journey.

-Team 'Standards Based Management'