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  • Blog Post: Move to PowerShell for WinRM Management

    As most people are aware, PowerShell provides two ways of managing the Windows Remote Management (WinRM) infrastructure: the WSMan Provider and the WS-Management Cmdlets . (As you are no doubt aware, WinRM is the Windows implementation of the WS-Management standard, which is why these cmdlets are named...
  • Blog Post: Standards Based Management: DMTF Management Profiles

    The investments we’ve made in Windows Server 2012 (and WMF3.0) for standards based management is built around WS-Man as the remoting protocol (HTTP is the transport) and CIM as the model. By themselves, WS-Man and CIM are useful, but may not provide a consistent experience when managing a similar...
  • Blog Post: Introducing - Standards Based Management in Windows Server "8"

    We are excited to introduce the investments we have made in Windows Server “8” through this excellent blog post Standards based management in Windows Server 8 by Jeffrey Snover and Wojtek Kozaczynski. It’s a very detailed overview covering “Why Standards based management matters”...
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