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December, 2005

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    Rate My Network Diagram

    In the post yesterday , I started to cover some analytic ways to think about building up data intensive diagrams. In future posts, I'll spend a little more time talking about how to use those tools for specific diagram types. Of course, another great...
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    Presenting Your Data in Diagrams

    When you are looking to persuade or enlighten, you need to be able to do a great job of presenting information in a way that your audience will understand. As we worked on Visio “12” one of our main goals was to make it incredibly easy to create great...
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    Visio 2003 Resource Kit for IT Professionals

    The first version of the Resource Kit for IT Professionals was a huge hit with customers, so a few months back an updated version was created. The new kit still includes the Altima shapes that were in the first version, but adds LANSurveyor from Neon...
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    Visio Connector for Project/EPM/SPS

    A new tool (including source code) has been posted on GotDotNet: the Visio Connector for Project/EPM/SPS . This is useful by itself but also provides a great way to learn about connecting Visio with some of the most popular data sources out there. It...
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    Visio "12" blog

    Eric Rockey, the Lead Program Manager for Visio, has started a blog that will cover the new features in the next version of Visio. This is a huge release for us, so make sure to check out the great stuff he is covering.
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