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January, 2006

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    ShapeSheet tutorial, part 1

    For this post, I'll walk through the process of building up a shape from scratch and editing it using the ShapeSheet. The shape itself won't be too complex, but we'll cover a few of the interesting features of the ShapeSheet. To get started, create...
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    Introduction to the ShapeSheet

    The ShapeSheet is probably the most overlooked part of Visio. The amount of power that you can get by using the ShapeSheet without any programming is pretty amazing. The basic idea is that behind every shape in Visio there is a spreadsheet that defines...
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    Visio Conference Kickoff

    Customers and partners are starting to arrive in Seattle for the sold out Visio Conference , starting tomorrow. We're very excited to roll out Visio "12" in detail publicly for the first time. We think that you'll love what we have done with the product...
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