June, 2008

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About Windows Mobile for Australia

The Windows Mobile for Australia blog is authored and maintained by a team of MS Australia people involved day to day with Windows Mobile.

Core contributors are:

Rick Anderson: Enterprise Mobility Solution Specialist

Peter Brown: Mobility Solution Specialist

Don Kerr: Business Solution Marketing Manager, Mobile Communicaitons Business

Roger Lawrence: DPE Guru

Johann Kruse: Solution Specialist Unified Communications

From time to time we will have guest contriubutors from inside MS, and from our MVP, Partner and hopefully our customer community as well.


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    Why I Love the Apple iPhone

    Mobility is such a widely and disparately understood term. Even within IT. Everyone has a different interpretation of what mobile technology is, and what it means (or doesn't) to them. About the only constants seem to be that: Mobile technology is now...
  • Windows phone for Australia

    HTC Touch Diamond launched in Australia, with Telstra

    On Tuesday (24th June) a few of us from the WMOz team attended the official launch for the HTC Touch Diamond. The good news - it's the first WM6.1 device to be launched in Australia. The launch event was held in partnership with Telstra, as there is...
  • Windows phone for Australia

    Tips & Tricks - Hint #1

    Hi Well here goes my first entry. The Windows Mobile Australia gang was sitting around a meeting table discussing the need for getting some useful information up on a blog in order to spread information that would be beneficial and interesting to you...
  • Windows phone for Australia

    TechEd08 Australia - Windows Mobile content (draft)

    The last few weeks for me (DonK) have been focused on TechEd08 in Australia, and NZ. Background: For the last few years Microsoft Australia has held a separate developer event focused on Windows Mobile & Windows Embedded called MEDC (Mobile &...
  • Windows phone for Australia

    The WMOz Blog - Welcome

    Welcome along to the WMOz blog, a Microsoft team blog focusing on all things Windows Mobile through an Australian specific lens. So why the WMOz Blog? There are plenty of blogs from the US and Europe dealing with mobility and Windows Mobile. Every country...
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