Well here goes my first entry. The Windows Mobile Australia gang was sitting around a meeting table discussing the need for getting some useful information up on a blog in order to spread information that would be beneficial and interesting to you - the owner of a Windows Mobile device :)

I talk to folks all day long on the subject and often come across little gems that I will put in a Tips and Tricks section. I suspect a lot of our devices today are used for both personal and business purposes so these hints will span both worlds.

Hint #1

Have you ever been on the road and had to log into a conference call? Searching for the number and the pass code at 60km is not only illegal but also an adrenaline rush topping your first jump out of a plane.

How can connecting to a conference call be made easier?

The answer is to format the number in the location field of the calendar invite in the following way

tel:phonenumber then a p for pause, then the pass code and if needed a # to enter the number into the conference call facility

this will look like the following


Calendar invite sent from the PC


On the day open the reminder / calendar appointment on your device

Tap / select the conference call number




And then talk away



If you want to get sneaky here are some bonus ideas

1) Change your signature to reflect this format and use the full international dialing codes so it always works for the dialer no matter where in the world they are.

+(country code)(area code)(number)p(pass code)#

2) If the sender does not use this format and you know you are going to be in transit then email yourself the dial in numbers to make it easy when you are away from your desk.

3) If you know the conference call facility will ask for your name add an extra p and a # so it will automatically record a blank name announcement and you will enter the meeting without any other touches. Also this practice always comes in handy to avoid the situation where your call drops out while driving in the underground car park and your name is announced as "exiting the call" which of course appears as if you were not interested in the next speakers thoughts!

Tested on Exchange 2007 and the HTC TytnII Windows Mobile Professional device

Enjoy more with what you have


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