While I (DonK) was in Redmond I had a meeting with Mike Hall, Architect for Windows Embedded. Mike was kind enough to give me some time to also record an interview, asking Mike about his background, what "the Architect" does day to day and discussing Microsoft Robotics Studio.

Why did I do this? In my previous role with Microsoft Australia I had the privilege of meeting Mike at a number of MEDC's, plus to host him in ANZ for 2 local MEDC's. This year Microsoft is arranging a Pre-Day to TechEd purely for Embedded Developers, called the  Embedded Dev Day, and Mike will be coming in via Live Meeting to present the keynote address - so the interviews will give you a taste of what Mike see's happening in the Embedded world.

You can register or get more information for the Embedded Dev Day at http://www.microsoft.com.au/teched/pre_days.aspx

To make it easier for you to consume the interview there are 4 parts of approximately 5mins length each.

1. Mike, his background & the job of the Architect:

2. Mike comments on the sorts of devices he's seen people build using the Windows Embedded OS family:

3. Embedded systems & Robotics Studio - Mike had shared with me (off camera) where he saw Robotics Studio heading, and it was so interesting I just had to ask again (on camera):

4. The opportunity for developers & where to get started:

So if you want to

  • hear direct from Mike
  • get hands on depth training for Windows Embedded CE or Windows Embedded Standard (XP Embedded)

& also

  • hear on where the local industry is heading from the CTO for Embedded Systems @ NICTA, Dr Chris Nicol

then register for the pre-day here : http://www.microsoft.com.au/teched/pre_days.aspx