If you’ve purchased an HTC Snap in Australia in the last few months you can now get the official Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade from HTC - http://www.htc.com/au/supportdownloadlist.aspx?p_id=262&act=sd&cat=all

Before you apply the ROM update I’d encourage you to install the MyPhone client (http://myphone.windowsphone.com)  so you can back up your SMS’s, photos, documents, music, videos. Once you’ve updated to 6.5 just run the MyPhone client (it’s native to all Windows phones) and you’ll get all that info sync’d back to your phone. Just make sure you’ve got an appropriate data plan.

So the Snap now joins the HTC Touch Diamond2 from Telstra in the Windows Mobile 6.5 camp.

As soon as we hear of more ROM updates becoming available we’ll blog about it.