If you fire up the Marketplace client on your Windows phone this morning (in Oz) you should get the updated Marketplace client pushed to you. You’ll be asked to install an update.

What is this bringing to customers on the phone?

Two core things in Australia:

  • World View: this allow Marketplace users to browse and purchase applications from a different geographical catalogue. For example, we can now choose to browse the English US catalogue, or a customer in New Zealand a could browse the Australian catalogue.
  • Installation onto storage cards: Customers are downloading a lot of apps, sometimes more than the memory available on the phone. So, we are now enabling people to install applications downloaded from Marketplace onto storage card memory

To access these two options

    • Click on Menu image
    • Choose Settings
    • Change your install location to “Storage Card” – better to use this by default
    • If you want to buy from another market, press on the drop down list, and choose the country you want to shop from.
      • image  - remember in Windows Mobil 6.5, the support of gestures in the OS extends to drop down lists like this. That means there’s no need to try and grab the scroll bar, just flick up/down on the list itself.

I’m writing a separate post on the Marketplace changes as they relate to developers and will have that up shortly.