I just posted about the changes in the client update for Marketplace for users of Windows phone, so what was announced/has changed for developers. This is taken from Todd Brix post on the WMDev blog.

Developer experience improvements

  • Free app submissions to additional markets: ISVs will no longer have to pay a $10 fee for submitting applications to additional markets. Once an application has been certified for a primary market as part of the existing $99 submission fee, ISVs can now submit for free that same application to as many other catalogues as they want, as long as they meet the current Market Validation guidelines.

There was a stack of feedback (I’m saying it nicely :-) I know) on the  $10 per additional market so it’s good to see that removed. For Australian ISVs/Devs this means you can submit to the Australian market first (we all want to see your great apps here), and then you can add on the US, NZ, Singapore, UK, Canada….. and so on. This will help to expand the reach of your application.

  • Applications policy changes: We are also taking this opportunity to make some changes to the existing application acceptance policies, and are now allowing VoIP applications that use a carrier network, unless explicitly prohibited by a mobile operator.
  • Improved registration, submission and management process. We’ve welcomed and acted on a lot of feedback from ISVs on how we can improve things. We’ve listened, and fixed a lot of the problems and annoyances you’ve told us about to make it easier to register, submit applications for multiple markets, and simplify the update process. You’ll see them all over. Tell us what you think and keep the feedback coming

I’m also happy to share that we are introducing a Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Developer Toolkit (DTK) which includes support for a new generation of Windows Mobile 6.5 phones that include capacitive touch screens. For a quick summary of the differences between the SDK and the DTK, I encourage you to read this blog. The DTK comes packed with some pretty cool new features you can add to your application like a Bing Map Control, Widget VS Integration, Bubble Tiles, Auto Dialog Layout, and more. I encourage you to download the DTK here and take advantage of some new tools and new features.