Windows Core Networking

Windows Core Networking APIs and technologies such as Winsock, TCP/IP stack, WFP, IPsec, IPv6, WSK, WinINet, Http.sys, WinHttp, QoS, and System.Net

December, 2005

  • Windows Core Networking

    Winsock Connect and TCP SYN Attack Protection

    TCP SYN attack protection has been available on Windows platforms since Windows 2000, but by default is turned off. This has changed for the Windows 2003 SP1 release as SP1 enables SYN attack protection by default (which is a good thing). However, once...
  • Windows Core Networking

    Dual Stack Sockets on Windows Vista

    One of the changes in Windows Vista is that the IPv4 and IPv6 stacks are integrated -- on older OSes they were completely separate stacks. One benefit of this tighter coupling is the ability to create dual-mode sockets. That is, an application can create...
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