Windows Core Networking

Windows Core Networking APIs and technologies such as Winsock, TCP/IP stack, WFP, IPsec, IPv6, WSK, WinINet, Http.sys, WinHttp, QoS, and System.Net

January, 2006

  • Windows Core Networking

    Introduction to 802.1p

    In a previous post, I discussed traffic coloring. Modifications to a data packet such that the packet itself informs your network equipment that it requires handling different from normal packets such as best effort traffic. In other words, if you looked...
  • Windows Core Networking

    What is the problem with 802.1p?

    With 802.1q and 802.1p (see the introduction for background), we have a means to color traffic on Ethernet. Hopefully, there's a network element (such as a switch) that can use this information to prioritize our traffic appropriately. So what can go wrong...
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