In order to enhance debugging of wininet.dll for application developers, Microsoft has added ETW tracing support for this component. The feature will be available beginning with Windows Vista Beta 2 builds.


To use the feature, wininet.dll users should open a command prompt window with elevated privileges:

1.                  Click the Start button, point to All Programs, and then click Accessories.

2.                  Right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run Elevated or Run as administrator (depending on what Vista build you are running).

Initialize WinINet tracing:

logman start "wininettrace”  -p “microsoft-windows-wininet” –o “wininettrace.etl” –ets


This command will initialize the ETW framework for WinINet tracing, using wininettrace.etl as the output file for trace data.


Log Events:

Run IE or an application that exercises the WinINet APIs

Stop tracing:


logman stop “wininettrace” -ets


Create a human readable (xml) log file:


tracerpt “wininettrace.etl” –y –o “wininetracelog.xml” –of xml


This command will generate an XML log file called wininetracelog.xml that contains the WinINet events logged.


 --Jonathan Silvera