Windows Core Networking

Windows Core Networking APIs and technologies such as Winsock, TCP/IP stack, WFP, IPsec, IPv6, WSK, WinINet, Http.sys, WinHttp, QoS, and System.Net

September, 2006

  • Windows Core Networking

    Filler - Check out the Times Reader

    The New York Times has developed a cool app for Windows and the .Net Framework 3.0 called Times Reader . It downloads the New York Times articles and displays them in a nifty adaptive layout UI. Be sure to resize the window to see how it re-layouts and...
  • Windows Core Networking

    Filler - Open Command Prompt Here in Vista

    I learned this last week that in Windows Vista one can hold down shift and right click to get a "Command Prompt Here" option added to the context menu on a folder. Nice! -- Ari Pernick Update: As someone in the comments noted, "Copy as Path" gets...
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