Windows Core Networking

Windows Core Networking APIs and technologies such as Winsock, TCP/IP stack, WFP, IPsec, IPv6, WSK, WinINet, Http.sys, WinHttp, QoS, and System.Net

May, 2009

  • Windows Core Networking

    HTTP Connection Management

    HTTP is a request/response protocol. You request some resource like the HTML of a webpage and the response comes back with the HTML attached.  As each request is sent on a connection, the complete response must be read from the connection before...
  • Windows Core Networking

    QoS Traffic Generator Example Usage

    Update: This tool is no longer available on Microsoft Connect and there is no replacement download site. In my last post , I announced the availability of QoS Traffic Generator on Microsoft Connect. In order to help you understand the usage of this...
  • Windows Core Networking

    WWSAPI security examples setup

    Just a quick note that over on on haoxu’ s “Lost in History” blog is a posting about how to create and register test SSL certs in http.sys for the Windows Web Services API Security Sample code . This might also be useful for developers using the http...
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