I am a Software Architect in the PAG (Platform Architecture Guidance) group, which is behind most of the developer and architect content posted on the Microsoft patterns & practices site. If you ever need to say my names, here is a few helpfull phonetic substitution rules: W sounds like V, J sounds like Y, and CZ sounds like TCH. So my names should sound something like: Voy-tek Koza-tchin-ski. Enough about pronouncing Polish names.

I have been with PAG for two years. I was the architect on the Shadowfax project (aka EDRA project), on the GAT project (this is the main reason why I decided that it is time to start bloging), and I am the architect on a new project called Smart Client Candidate Baseline Architectures (with time you should also see me posting about that).

I don't know how this bloging thing will go, but I intend to blog only when I have something to say (which will be probably infrequently).


-- Wojtek (or is it Voy-tek?)