You may have noticed that in the span on one month the patterns&practices group (p&p) released three software factories.

  • The first out was the Smart Client Software Factory (SCSF). It is a factory for developing WinForm-based, composable client applications.
  • The second out of the gate was the Mobile Client Software Factory (MCSF) for developing applications where the client is running on mobile devices such as PDAs and smart phones.
  • The third was Web Service Software Factory (WSSF) for developing distributed applications communicating via Web services.

If you take a look at the three factories you will find that they are quire similar in the way they are structured, documented and built. But upon closer inspection you will also find that they are not strictly derived from the same software factory template (called software factory schema, see Jezz’s blog for a summary).


This is going to change for the better moving forward. A few of us at Microsoft have joined forces to work on a common schema and the Visual Studio factory authoring tools. The group now includes Jack Greenfield, who started it all :-), Tom Hollander, who had his fingers in the two out of three p&p factories, Mauro Regio, who led the development of the HL7 software factory , Jezz Santos mentioned already, Steve Cook and Stuart Kent who gave us the DSL tools, and your’s truly, an accomplice to many of the above crimes.  


I am hoping we will be able to share the early results of our work with the community soon. If you are interested in contributing please ping us.  


-- Wojtek