I have been “tagged” by Jezz Santos, Daniel Cazzulino and J.D. Meier. There aren’t that many things about me that are either interesting or worth knowing J. So after searching my memory banks for a while, here are a few possible candidates

1.     I almost ended up being a mechanical engineer. As a teen I was fascinated with cars and motorcycles, which I was disassembling and putting beck together. I got accepted to a mechanical engineering school and spent a year trying to convince myself that I liked learning about the physical properties of different materials. Eventually I gave up, and switched to EECS.

2.     At about the time I was accepted to graduate school, I also got an offer to work as a professional skiing instructor in Canada. After many sleepless nights I decided to continue my education. To this day I am not positive that I made the right choice.

3.     However I never managed to get rid of the skiing bug. My dream is to spend a year traveling around the world skiing every patch of snow I could find (well, many be every patch of snow that I could get on the top of using some means of transportation other than climbing).

4.     I love dogs; there was always at least one dog in my house. 

5.     I programmed in assemblers.


I will tag Peter Provost, Tom Hollander, Jason Hogg, Don Smith and Dragos Manolescu.