After almost 5 years in patterns & practices, after participating in building EDRA, architecting GAX, working on three software factories, helping define the software factory platform, working on pattern languages, and doing other tings, I am moving on. I am not moving far, however. I will be an architect in the Dynamic Systems Foundation group, which is a part of the Microsoft Management & Services Division (MSD).

For the foreseeable future, I tend not to plan too far ahead though, I will be working on tools for modeling managed systems and applications. In order to manage anything, and in particular a complex hardware and software systems, one needs to

  • know what the managed reality should be
  • what the managed reality actual is
  • what the differences between the is and the should are, and
  • how to change the actual reality to meet its intended should be state.  

You cannot do any of the above effectively without describing (or modeling) the "should be" and the rules for the "change". Problem is, that there is no one agreed upon way of doing that and hence there are not tools to effectively model managed systems and applications. This, the shared models and tools, is what I will be working on.