After my post "Web Service Software Factory; the Modeling Edition" Jason Hogg reminded me that I missed two significant inputs: EDRA and Web Service Security Patterns. I have added them to the top of the diagram below.


EDRA, which stands for Enterprise Development Reference Architecture, goes almost four years back. This guidance has been since phased out, but it had significant influence in two areas. One, it got us thinking about code generation from architecture templates is an alternative to "baking" things into frameworks (EDRA was a framework with no generated code). That led to GAX and then BATs. Second, it taught us a lot about the desired architecture of Web Services, and those lessons were carried forward by Jason and Don into the WSSF.

Web Service Security Patterns have been implemented as a separate guidance package, which moved from the Web Service Software Factory v2 to the Modeling Edition with almost no change. This show the durability of well defined patterns and their automation.