As you’ve seen in a previous post, we have added a lot of new features in WF 4.5; see this article for more discussion of those features.  A number of those features (e.g. annotations, auto-surround with sequence, etc.) were developed to improve the authoring experience of workflows.

Many of our customers rehost our designer in their own application/domain-specific authoring environments. Naturally then, these customers have asked which of these new WF4.5 designer capabilities are supported when rehosting the designer.

The new designer features that are supported in the rehosted scenario include: 

  • Outline view of workflow items
  • Designer annotations
  • Multi-select
  • Auto-surround with sequence
  • Pan mode
  • Toolbox search

 The ones that are not supported are: 

  • Find
  • C# Expressions

 Please leave us a comment if you have any questions or comments.