I am pleased to announce the release of the first Cumulative Update (CU) for Workflow Manager 1.0; you can find the associated KB article here.  The Workflow Manager CU has a dependency on Service Bus CU1 (KB is here), which was also just released. 

There are a couple of options for the installation:

  • Direct installation from the Microsoft Download Center; the appropriate links are in the KB articles above
  • Via the Web Platform Installer:
    • Web PI link for Workflow Manager CU1
    • Web PI link for Service Bus CU1

 This CU aggregates a number of fixes, as discussed in the KB.  It also adds support for suspending and resuming workflow instances. 


Suspending & Resuming Workflow Instances

Workflows can be suspended via 3 mechanisms:

  •  Using the WorkflowManagementClient:

public WorkflowInstanceResult Suspend(string workflowName, string instanceName, string reason)

  • Via the Suspend activity, which you can use in your workflow definitions
  • Via an unhandled error: most unhandled errors - which would have previously terminated the instance - will now suspend the instance


Instances can be resumed via the WorkflowManagementClient:

        public WorkflowInstanceResult Resume(string workflowName, string instanceName)