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  • Blog Post: Installing the Sample Drivers on XP and Vista

    A question was raised today on how to run the WPD sample drivers on Windows XP. WPD drivers and applications can run downlevel on Windows XP as long as the WPD and UMDF runtimes are both installed. Compiling a WPD Driver for your OS For the driver to run on Windows XP, it has to be built using...
  • Blog Post: Building Driver Samples from the WDK

    Help! The WPD driver sample doesn't build! Seeing this error while building the WPD driver samples using the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) build environment? errors in directory c:\winddk\6000\src\umdf\wpd\wpdhelloworlddriver NMAKE : fatal error U1073: don't know how to make 'C:\WinDDK\6000\lib\mfc...
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