09-10 October 2014

Hi Folks, one of the great things that we're working on now is planning BlueHat V14. I will be the conference chair and I wanted to formally announce that V14 of BlueHat is coming this October 09-10th! We are currently planning an awesome event.



This year's focus will be on software security in deployed environments and where software security meets network security. Please see a rough range of ideas that we'll be focusing on for the conference:

Security in Deployed Environments

  • Network security best practices / learning
  • Mobile platforms and devices
  • Administration of large groups of machines
  • User data and privacy
  • Host-based agents
  • Threat intelligence and information sharing


State of the Hack

  • Red team assessments / exercises / results / trends
  • Bring your breach ( if you work at a major corporation, incident response group, etc. and are willing to share)

Security and Identity

  • Pass-the-hash
  • OAUTH2 / SAML and other authentication methodologies
  • Identifying malicious actors - getting signals through the noise

Researcher Methodologies

  • Interesting research / researchers  (specifically the  how)
  • User agent fuzzing and methodologies
  • Security research with web services

 Memory corruption issues

  • Interesting research and issues that have been found / are being found in Microsoft products

So long for now - we'll have updates on the official BlueHat Blog and I will continue to post updates here as well. Looking forward to seeing y'all in October!