Future of the WPF Ribbon

Future of the WPF Ribbon

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I’m sure many of you are wondering what the future of the WPF Ribbon will look like. The future is hard to predict and there are so many things that can change. But here is a short list of things we will be looking into for the future of the WPF Ribbon.

  • Virtualization – We are looking at the virtualization pattern for WPF Ribbon as we think it will work well for developers that have many commands they would like to make available to their users.
  • Improvements on Galleries – We are also investigating improving the galleries we already have in the WPF Ribbon as well as looking at including galleries in the in ribbon and not just in drop down ribbon controls.
  • And many other improvements suggestions from our customers, so keep the ideas coming.

As to the future of the Ribbon as a control… We are not 100% certain as nothing has been set in stone as of yet.  I will say that our current thinking is that WPF Ribbon will follow the same path as the WPF DataGrid control.

The WPF DataGrid was initially released as a standalone control separate from the .NET Framework. After its initial release, the WPF DataGrid was updated a couple of times with bug fixes and improvements to its functionality. Then, with our latest release, the WPF DataGrid was made part of the .NET Framework, where it lives today.

The WPF Ribbon will probably follow the same path. Our initial release of the WPF Ribbon was back in July of this year. We are doing our first update to the WPF Ribbon this month, October. We will provide another update to the WPF Ribbon sometime next year. Then we anticipate making the WPF Ribbon part of the .NET Framework with our next major release.

WPF Ribbon Team

  • Are you considering to include something like "Backstage View" introduced with Office 2010 in WPF Ribbon?

  • Any plans on releasing an official SilverLight version?

  • @huseyint - I can honestly say, we don't know yet. We are going through our planning for our next version of WPF and we are trying to figure out what we should do next.

  • Are there any resources on how to make the WPF ribbon override the window title bar?

  • I would love to have the "Backstage view" in a future release! Anyway keep up the good work!

  • @macm - What is it that you would like to do with the Title Bar in a RibbonWindow?

  • @Sebastien - We currently don't have that on our list, but if enough people chime in and say they would like to see that feature, we can certainly consider it.

    You can go to dotnet.uservoice.com/.../40583-wpf-feature-suggestions to make your suggestion. People who like the idea will vote for it.

  • You for sure needt to do the Backstage View as introduced with Office 2010 - The Backstage View needs to be seen in many more application for it to become a standard user experiance - so we urge you to play your part in supporting the new Office 2010 Backstage View by making it avaliable in your WPF Ribbon - Thank you.

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